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Less is More – Factory Farms and Lake Erie Algae

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Less = More

Documentary / Short Film

Factory Farms + Lake Erie Algae

In the state of Michigan, the Great Lakes are a large support for the economy, ecology, and culture. However, algae is slowly poisoning the fresh water lakes; but how do we stop it? By following the problem directly to its source. From the Great Lakes up through the rivers and streams up to the creeks are factory farms. It’s time to stop putting the blame on the small farmers and look at what we can do as the consumer.

This was a non-profit project for the Sierra Club Michigan Chapter. Learn more about the Less is More program and what you can do to help at moreformichigan.org

Production Notes
  • Created by Tyler Wiewiora
  • Executive Producer Gail Philbin
  • Audio Mixer Steve Lesko
  • Music “Trouble” – Bravefiction
  • Music “Space Flight in a Vacuum” – West-Sounds
  • Music “Space Conspiracy Background” – ChristianBaczyk
  • Music “Who We Are” – SPKRD