Pokemon Go – Grand Rapids

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Pokemon Go – Grand Rapids


Pokemon Go Grand Rapids threw a huge event for the community to get together and play the app. The turnout was crazy and we just happened to be there to capture it on camera. This video shows that Pokemon are bringing people together. Thanks to everyone who gave us their time and input on this video.

Director’s Note: “I wanted to include more about how this app is helping people with social anxiety by getting people out of the house and into the world. It’s truly a beautiful thing to see people of every gender, ethnicity, and culture playing together in our global playground. I don’t know if this was intended, but Pokemon are bringing us all together.”

Arial footage from GVSU’s Promotions Office and their President’s Ball Video.

Production Notes
  • Created by Tyler Wiewiora
  • Assistant Director Ben Commet
  • Arial Footage GVSU Promotions Office
  • Music “Summer Upbeat & Uplifting Pop” – MoodMode