Our Mission

To lead the way as the first sustainable production company in West Michigan giving you the opportunity to make a positive impact on our environment by filling our planet with art and trees.

Our History

Our History
Westbound Productions began as an idea to help share people’s dreams with the world while making sure people can continue to dream in this world. With the growth of technology and social media, we found that the best way to do that is through the motion picture medium. Working in Grand Rapids helped us to understand the importance of running a business sustainably, and with the help of the resources here we were able to learn from other entrepreneurs leading the way in sustainable business.

After gaining some experience from wiser West Michigan filmmakers, Tyler Wiewiora started Westbound in January of 2016. We have yet to see a sustainable production company here in West Michigan, so we tasked ourselves as being the first. One way we do that is by planting trees to offset our footprint. Our hope is to change the statistic and encourage other production companies, filmmakers, and businesses to go green

Meet the Team

Tyler Wiewiora | Producer, Owner

Tyler is a West Michigan native, growing up in Muskegon and moving to Grand Rapids to start his business. Tyler has a passion for all things green and knew it would be important to build his business around the idea of sustainability. You can see Tyler biking to work even in the most treacherous weather to reduce his carbon footprint.  He enjoys dark craft beers, long hikes, whiskey, and a fine cigar with friends.  Tyler fights for sustainability so he can continue hiking through the woods and the lakeshore of Michigan.